About us

Who we are

We are PreMeSec, a Swiss start-up company that makes trading in physical precious metals such as gold and silver easier, cheaper and more transparent. PreMeSec stands for Precious Metals Second Hand. Private individuals should no longer be tied to high commissions from banks and precious metal dealers.

The PreMeSec precious metals trading platform

To this end, we have created a platform that is characterised by a high degree of transparency. This enables even laymen to easily compare the prices of gold and silver on offer. Furthermore, by limiting the platform to the most common products, it offers the possibility to filter by factors such as purity, weight or price per gram.

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Security in precious metals trading

By limiting trading to the Swiss market and requiring everyone who trades to register with a telephone number and ID or passport, we aim to increase security compared to other trading venues. A number of other technical security measures also contribute to this.

Trading gold and silver better on PreMeSec

The Swiss market in particular, where many goods are also traded directly between consumers without brokers or dealers, needs a platform for precious metals. Many Swiss trade expensive electronics or vehicles over the internet. But for precious metals like the gold Vreneli or small bars, which often cost less than a mobile phone, consumers turn to their house bank, which takes up to 30 percent of the value as commission. Small quantities of precious metals in particular could be traded directly with other private individuals.

Our conviction

We develop and operate the PreMeSec platform because we are convinced that precious metals in all denominations are an attractive alternative to cash. For saving, as a hedge against inflation or as a gift for godchildren and grandchildren.

It's time for PreMeSec

Various reports on precious metal trading in the media over the last few years show that our offer is needed. You too can trade your precious metals on PreMeSec!

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