Current prices

In the table below you will find the prices for the sale of gold, silver and other precious metals via our platform These prices make one of the most favourable auction platforms in Switzerland. The commission for trading in precious metals is thus significantly cheaper than the trading margin for comparable precious metal quantities at most banks! Of course, no commission is charged for unsold items!

From selling price To selling price Fee
- CHF99.99 7.00%
CHF100.00 CHF199.99 6.00%
CHF200.00 CHF399.99 5.00%
CHF400.00 CHF599.99 4.00%
CHF600.00 CHF799.99 3.00%
CHF800.00 CHF1,199.99 2.00%
CHF1,200.00 CHF1,999.99 1.80%
CHF2,000.00 CHF4,999.99 1.50%
CHF5,000.00 CHF9,999.99 1.20%
CHF10,000.00 CHF14,999.99 1.00%
CHF15,000.00 CHF29,999.99 0.90%
CHF30,000.00 CHF39,999.99 0.85%
CHF40,000.00 CHF49,999.99 0.80%
CHF50,000.00 - 0.75%