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The first trading platform for precious metals in Switzerland

PreMeSec is the first trading platform for precious metals such as gold and silver for private individuals in Switzerland. With us you can sell gold bars, gold coins and other precious metal investment products directly to other private individuals and buy from them.

All you need to do is register and, after verifying your data, you can buy or sell gold and silver.

We have summarised how registration and trading on PreMeSec works in our short video.

More security when trading gold and silver with

To register, customers need a Swiss address, a Swiss telephone number on which they can receive text messages, and an identity card or passport. The details are checked manually by our staff and with technical aids, which significantly increases security compared to other second-hand platforms, where anyone can register anywhere in the world without an identity check.

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What precious metals can be bought and sold on PreMeSec?

Coins and bars of various precious metals can be bought and sold on PreMeSec. The restriction to these products allows users a level of filtering and transparency that no other platform can offer. In addition, coins and bars are standardised so that customers can easily determine the value of the precious metals on offer. For this reason, no scrap gold or scrap silver can be traded.

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Trade precious metals at a fixed price or as an auction

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the form of bars or coins can be offered on PreMeSec either at a fixed price or as an auction. Fixed prices offer the possibility of a quicker sale, whereas with auctions the price is determined by the market and therefore higher prices are possible than the seller originally expected.

Sell gold and silver directly and save commissions

In Switzerland, mobile phones, cars and even houses are traded very securely via internet platforms. There is no reason why one should not trade precious metals directly with other private individuals. Private individuals save the high commissions of the banks, the seller gets more money for his precious metal and the buyer pays less than at the bank.