Selling gold bars in Switzerland


  • Gold bars are easy to sell

  • Gold bars are a good way to invest money in gold.

  • In Switzerland, banks and dealers as well as private individuals buy gold bars.

  • On PreMeSec it is particularly easy to find a private buyer for gold.

Selling gold bars in Switzerland

Switzerland is a wealthy country, with many residents also investing money in precious metals such as gold bars. Since most gold bars are exempt from taxes, they are an excellent way to convert money into gold. Of course, this also applies to converting gold investments into money. Switzerland offers a variety of options for this. Besides banks and gold dealers, there are also many private buyers for gold bars. It is easy to find a private gold buyer on PreMeSec.

Swiss gold bars against a white background © PreMeSec Ltd liab Co
Swiss gold bars are easy to sell. © PreMeSec Ltd liab Co

First step: Determine the value of the gold bar

The most important rule in trading any commodity is that you know or can reasonably estimate the value of the commodity. With hardly any good is it as easy to determine the value as with gold bars. Their value is mainly determined by the price of gold. The price of gold can be found in the daily newspaper or on the Internet on various sites. Since gold bars are produced in different weights, it may be necessary to calculate the price from the price per kilo. The price per kilo / 1000 * number of grams of the bar applies.

The price you can ask for a bar is certainly above the price the bank or a dealer would pay for it, but probably also below the price a bank or a dealer himself charges for a gold bar.

You should never sell a gold bar for less than the price of gold!

Find a buyer for gold bars on

Now you can create a buy-it-now ad or an auction on PreMeSec, after that you just need some patience until a buyer for the gold bar is found. If the price for the bar is well chosen and the description is meaningful, this should not take too long.

Register now and sell gold bars on!

Finalise the sale

Once a buyer has been found, the buyer and seller will receive prepared receipts from PreMeSec. Follow the tips for secure trading of bullion!

By keeping clean documentation with receipts, you reduce the risk of fraud and can also prove that the gold bar was sold legally.