Secure settlement of precious metal sales

PreMeSec strives to keep the security of the trading platform high. To this end, PreMeSec uses various techniques and processes.

To make fraud difficult and to identify possible culprits, all PreMeSec users are required to upload their passport or identity card and to provide a Swiss telephone number. In addition, all buyers and sellers are required by the terms and conditions to provide proof of identity when handing over items.

We inform both buyer and seller only of the name and e-mail address of the respective counterparty. We do not communicate the residential address to the respective counterparty, this is not necessary for a trade.

Nevertheless, you as seller and buyer are responsible for the correct handling of your trade. However, PreMeSec provides the following advice for the secure handling of precious metal purchases and sales.

Prepayment and shipping (not recommended)

Even if prepayment and shipping is offered as an option by the platform, we recommend personal delivery. When shipping the precious metal, we recommend that you use registered mail and follow the rules of the chosen service provider (Post/DHL/Fed-ex or similar).

When paying in advance, transfer money only to the seller named by PreMeSec and only to domestic accounts.

Personal delivery (recommended)

PreMeSec and the Zurich Cantonal Police recommend handing over goods in person when trading online.

We recommend handing over the goods in a safe place. Under no circumstances in motorway service areas, car parks, streets or abandoned places. Use places where there are enough other people, such as a café or video-monitored areas.

By the terms and conditions, both buyer and seller are obliged to identify themselves to each other. Refusal to do so entitles the other party to cancel the purchase. Any refusal to identify yourself should be reported immediately to PreMeSec.

We recommend filling out a receipt in duplicate. It should show the buyer's name, passport or ID number, seller's name, passport or ID number, item(s) sold, price, place and date. PreMeSec provides receipt templates for you to print out yourself.

Signs of a fraud attempt

The following non-exhaustive list can be used to identify many fraud attempts:

- The person showing up for the handover is not the one named by PreMeSec.

- The account or address given does not match the name given by PreMeSec.

- The counterparty uses a foreign telephone number.

- The other party requests payment to a foreign account.

- The other party tries to get you to disclose the credit card information, for example, to supposedly transfer money to the credit card.

- The other party suddenly deviates from the agreed safe procedure and at the same time puts pressure on you to act quickly or hastily. Never allow yourself to be pressured!

For further advice, we recommend studying the website of the Zurich Cantonal Police: